Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Anna Keesey's Little Century now out in paperback

Little Century
by Anna Keesey
Picador Books,
ISBN 978-1-250033369
If you've somehow missed Anna Keesey's wonderful novel of 19th century rangeland Oregon, now is the time to pick up Little Century in paperback. Keesey's novel takes its rightful place with Molly Gloss's flawless The Jump-Off Creek in its depiction of new-to-Oregon women.  Esther Chambers has lived eighteen years in Chicago.  After her mother dies, she heads West.  Carolyn See, of the Washington Post, proclaims that "Keesey’s words are clear as lake water"  -- and she's right.  The New York Times Book Review also gets it right: "Fluid and restrained prose, solid plotting, and a keen eye for detail."  It's a great read.

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